Knows her market

Crystal is, by far, one of the best agents we have on our roster. She is proactive, identifying issues before they actually get to the point where they can affect the integrity of the property or jepordize a sale. She thinks out of the box and treats our properties diligently and conscientiously. She takes on each of our assignments, not like we are a large corporation, but a true client. There is no cookie cutter, slap up a sign, and the property is put in MLS. She knows her market and what is going on. She makes suggestions and offers advice. Crystal has excellent follow up with the city, and with returning our calls and emails. She has even gone out of her way to help us check on a property not assocated with her and provided advice. If all of our agents performed like Crystal, we would probably have no inventory left.

Former Asset Manager at Capital One, Christopher Melson